Cloud Elements API v1 Sunset

By Cale Conry in Product Updates Posted Sep 30, 2015

Beginning January 1, 2016, Cloud Elements will be sunsetting API Version 1 (API v1). We will continue to support API v1 calls for the next three months ending on December 31st, 2015. Applications developed using our v1 APIs will no longer function as expected.

If you are currently using our v1 APIs and would like support in moving to our v2 APIs, please contact us at We will be providing support through the end of 2015.

API v1 Sunset

API Sunsetting FAQ

Q: What does sunsetting mean?

A:  v1 of our APIs will no longer be supported nor function as expected.

Q: Why is Cloud Elements sunsetting v1 APIs?

A: As with all platforms, the underlying technology becomes more efficient and powerful over time. Cloud Elements is continuously improving its platform and sometimes these improvements are not backwards compatible. Our philosophy is to release improvements as soon as possible to Cloud Elements users’ while at the same time providing a grace period for existing applications to transition smoothly.

Q: How do I know the state of an API version?

A: The API version is documented in the URL of each API call made. For example:

Thank you for your understanding and please email if you run into any issues.