Axway Leverages Cloud Elements to Deliver 20 NEW API Connectors

By Jackie Rebrovic in Enterprise Integration, SaaS Integration Posted Dec 5, 2017

Today we are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Axway, a leading technology solution provider helping deliver integrated customer experiences. The partnership will deliver 20 new connectors for the API Builder in the Axway AMPLIFY™ platform, for users to quickly connect apps to automate tasks and boost productivity.

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The partnership will extend the features of Axway's API Management solutions. With immediate access to 20 of the most popular Elements from our growing catalog of 130 pre-built connectors, Axway’s customers will have unified and productized integration capabilities to the leading cloud applications.

The solution enables Axway’s developers to work with a simple, yet feature rich interfaces to create workflows, synchronize data and respond to business events in realtime.

What is AMPLIFY? 
Axway's AMPLIFY™ platform is a hybrid integration and engagement platform that enables Axway's users to efficiently transform rigid and manual connections – between people, businesses or machines – into secure and adaptable customer experience (CX) networks. The platform is flexible enough to quickly start up with a single use case or scale to run many of your organization’s mission-critical services. It builds on and extends the proven capabilities of Axway product sets – API Management, B2B Integration, Managed File Transfer, App Development, Operational Intelligence – adding a common layer of security and visibility.

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Why Cloud Elements:
“We are focused on enabling developers to quickly connect applications to data sources and services. Providing our customers a broad range of connectors across commonly used cloud apps and services allows developers to accelerate delivery while maintaining creativity and control. We chose Cloud Elements because of its unique approach to integration - their “Elements” provide far more comprehensive capability and usability, which our enterprise customers require,” said Suraji Kumar, General Manager & VP Platform as a Service at Axway.



The Technology:
Cloud Elements’ Element Builder, an integration tool to extend the capabilities of connectors or build new Elements from scratch, has been enhanced to integrate with the Axway AMPLIFY platform. This API distribution capability significantly decreases Axway’s time to market for integrating Third Party Cloud Services, and ensures the resilience of these integrations, as Cloud Elements automates the maintenance, monitoring and version control of these connectors.

From our CEO, Mark Geene:
"Our partnership with Axway is one more step towards Cloud Elements’ vision of distributing our Elements (connectors) across leading API platforms. Together we are transforming the customer experience and shifting the burden of integration away from the developer," said Cloud Elements CEO and Co-Founder Mark Geene. “Axway will have access to our rapidly expanding catalog of more than 130 Elements, each with built-in features that make integration faster, easier to use, and more reliable.”

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