Autotask API Integration: Simplified through a RESTful API

By McKenzie Fetzer in Product Updates Posted Apr 14, 2015

Old-school SOAP APIs cause headaches for many developers and when you have an extensive integration roadmap, getting slowed down by SOAP is not ideal. That’s why we offer all of our pre-built API integrations as easy-to-use REST APIs, especially for services like Autotask, on which much of your business functions depend.


We are excited to announce that our Autotask API integration is now available through our Elements Catalog, connecting to both the CRM Hub and Help Desk Hub through REST APIs.

Autotask is a cloud based business management software platform that enables users to manage billing, scheduling, employee tracking and clients. The Autotask API exposes the functionality of their platform and allows it to be integrated with third party applications.

Autotask API CRM

Autotask exposes their API as a complex SOAP API, but we’ve done the work for you and created a REST API for Autotask that takes away the complexity of integrating to their endpoint.


CRM Hub:

As a part of the CRM Hub, our Autotask integration and other pre-built CRM integrations can be accessed through a uniform API. Our Hub concept allows you to share contacts, companies, leads, lists and more, and map these fields across all of the cloud services your employees, customers and partners use. Our CRM Hub connects to Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, Autotask, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & NetSuite, saving you significant development time.

Help Desk Hub:

Since Autotask offers extensive functionality across many cloud service categories, we also offer Autotask as a part of our Help Desk Hub. This uniform API allows you to track projects, issues and more across all of the leading cloud help desk services such as, JIRA, Zendesk, ConnectWise, Autotask, Oracle Service Cloud, ServiceMax, ServiceNow, Salesforce Service Cloud & BMC Remedy OnDemand.

Cloud Elements wants to make your integration experience as easy as possible. Check out our Quick Start Guides, Videos and Developer Documentation to help you get started with the Autotask Element. 


CRM Quick Start Vid.png

Help Desk:


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