Ross Garrett

Ross Garrett is the Head of Product Marketing at Cloud Elements - responsible for market strategy, product positioning and evangelism. He is a well-known speaker at developer events and other industry conferences. Ross has over 10 years of product and marketing leadership experience in the integration space, most recently at Push Technology and previously with Axway, CA and Layer 7.

By Ross Garrett in API Industry Trends Posted Mar 8, 2018

Ditching The Pony Express: Calling Time on Point-to-Point Integration

The Pony Express was a very short-lived integration platform back in the late 1850s. It provided a way to deliver mail from east-coast to west-coast before major transportation links existed....

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By Ross Garrett in Enterprise Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Feb 16, 2018

The Consumerization of B2B Payments

Looking back as far as 2005, enterprise organizations faced and embraced the growing consumerization of IT. A phenomenon characterized by the proliferation of mobile devices and mobile...

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By Ross Garrett in Finance, Enterprise Integration Posted Jan 25, 2018

Payment Gateway Reconciliation

Products like QuickBooks and Netsuite are among the popular choices for business accounting - and for payment gateways and processors. Your merchant customers, however, are looking for solutions...

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By Ross Garrett in Enterprise Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Jan 12, 2018

Creating an Integrated HCM System

Disconnected business applications have always created barriers for employees across any organization. Yet as many disciplines have been improved, and integrated, HR systems have remained siloed. 

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By Ross Garrett in Product Updates Posted Oct 9, 2017

New Cloud Elements Security Features

Since our big release of Cloud Elements 2.0 in August, the team has been keeping up the pace on new product development - and we’re super happy to announce a raft of new security features! These...

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By Ross Garrett in Enterprise Integration Posted Sep 18, 2017

Data-Centric Enterprise Integration

Transformation is the watchword amongst CIOs and IT leadership - but what does this really mean? And what steps should you take?

Forward-thinking businesses must embrace the convergence of...

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By Ross Garrett in GET/technical Posted Aug 28, 2017

DevSecOps for your APIs

Applications are changing. A web app in days gone by was a single application running on a server in a datacenter somewhere. Today, that same web app may look the same to the user, but under the...

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By Ross Garrett in Product Updates Posted Aug 24, 2017

Claude has finished brewing our new UI

INTRODUCING CLOUD ELEMENTS 2.0 // NOW AVAILABLE FOR GA! Come check out Cloud Elements 2.0 with a new look, new features and same login! The next gen of the Cloud Elements API Integration Platform...

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By Ross Garrett in SaaS Integration Posted Jul 6, 2017

Building an Integrated Communications Platform

Today when customers make a support or sales call to a service provider (retailers, insurance companies, banks, etc) agents have to take notes about customer preferences and call activity and then...

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By Ross Garrett in GET/technical Posted Jun 23, 2017

Error Code | Writing Good API Status Codes

Error Codes may be the last thing you see from an API - they certainly shouldn’t be the last thing you think about!

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