Ross Garrett

Ross Garrett is the Head of Product Marketing at Cloud Elements - responsible for market strategy, product positioning and evangelism. He is a well-known speaker at developer events and other industry conferences. Ross has over 10 years of product and marketing leadership experience in the integration space, most recently at Push Technology and previously with Axway, CA and Layer 7.

By Ross Garrett in How-To Posted Jul 6, 2017

Building an Integrated Communications Platform

Today when customers make a support or sales call to a service provider (retailers, insurance companies, banks, etc) agents have to take notes about customer preferences and call activity and then...

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By Ross Garrett in Developer Posted Jun 23, 2017

Error Code | Writing Good API Status Codes

Error Codes may be the last thing you see from an API - they certainly shouldn’t be the last thing you think about!

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By Ross Garrett in Developer Posted May 30, 2017

The Evolution of Enterprise Integration

Integration is all about making different apps and systems work together. Allowing them to share data, orchestrating business workflows, and by coordinating how employees work across growing...

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By Ross Garrett in Developer Posted May 17, 2017

NetSuite Integration: How-to Get the Most Out of the NetSuite API

NetSuite helps thousands of companies manage and plan various aspects of their business in the cloud. But to get the most out of a NetSuite integration, you also need to integrate and share...

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By Ross Garrett in Developer Posted May 10, 2017

The Perils of Polling

Over the past few years many people – I amongst them – have spent countless hours convincing you that RESTful interfaces can (and have) changed the face of application integration. But it’s 2017,...

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By Ross Garrett in Posted Apr 28, 2017

How to Optimize the API Experience

The API economy has ushered in a new era of application integration within enterprise IT - unlocking legacy systems, providing access to data securely across firewalls and offering a platform that...

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By Ross Garrett in Products Posted Apr 17, 2017

Resource-Centric API Calls: Switching up the Cloud Elements Hubs

Our API Hubs represent the intersection of resources across the Elements within a category of applications. We created a platform for API Integration with the assumption that one-to-many, means...

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By Ross Garrett in How-To Posted Apr 14, 2017

The “Platform-ification” of Banking

It’s generally agreed that FinTech (Financial Technology) startups are already playing a significant role in shaping the banking platform of the future - largely because long standing financial...

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By Ross Garrett in Developer Posted Mar 9, 2017

Effective API Security: 6 Keys to Keeping a Lock Down

APIs are certified “cool” - they provide access to data and services otherwise locked behind corporate firewall, they enable easy development of web & mobile products, and they allow organizations...

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By Ross Garrett in Developer Posted Mar 3, 2017

What You Need to Know About OAS 3.0

Cloud Elements officially joined the Open API Initiative in November last year to continue the momentum behind organizing the world of APIs into easy-to-consume API hubs with standardized,...

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