Laura Wyse

By Laura Wyse in GET/technical Posted Apr 29, 2015

Salesforce Metadata API - Objects, Record Types & Metadata API Tips

Salesforce allows users to do a lot of customization with custom objects, custom fields, validation rules, multiple record types per object etc.

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By Laura Wyse in GET/technical Posted Mar 24, 2015

Tickets to Issues: Zendesk and JIRA API Integrations

JIRA and Zendesk provide services that can be used together to help your organization function more smoothly and efficiently. If you use Zendesk for customer service and JIRA for tracking, do you...

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By Laura Wyse in GET/technical Posted Jan 14, 2015

HubSpot API: Think Like a Marketer, Understanding the Contacts API

In building our integration to the HubSpot API, we learned that integrating to a marketing automation service is tough. As developers, we don’t know exactly how marketers are using these tools and...

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By Laura Wyse in GET/technical Posted Jan 6, 2015

Zoho CRM API: The 6 Developer Tricks to CRM Integrations

Zoho CRM provides APIs for integrating either Zoho services or third party services. With the Zoho CRM API you can extract CRM data and develop applications with the information you need. Zoho’s...

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