Brad Scharmann

By Brad Scharmann in Product Updates Posted Jul 16, 2015

Announcing: OneDrive for Business

We are excited to announce that our OneDrive for Business API integration is now available through the Cloud Elements Catalog. The OneDrive for Business Element allows you to integrate a leading...

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By Brad Scharmann in GET/technical Posted Jun 25, 2015

SugarCRM API Search & Query Capabilities

When it came time to build Cloud Elements’ integration with the SugarCRM API, we were pleased to find that their recently released v10 API offered RESTful endpoints and their resources matched...

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By Brad Scharmann in GET/technical Posted Apr 21, 2015

HTTP Verbs Demystified: PATCH, PUT and POST

CRUD Applications

When I was first learning web development and the HTTP specification, I often found myself overwhelmingly confused about which verbs to use and when. I had it explained to me...

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By Brad Scharmann in GET/technical Posted Mar 30, 2015

eCommerce API Design with the Etsy API

When interacting with the various eCommerce solutions and their APIs it is not uncommon to encounter a few standards as it pertains to resources. The concepts of Orders, Products and Customers...

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