API Reciprocity - A New Year Resolution

By Hannah Shain in Life at Cloud Elements Posted Jan 14, 2016

A New Year brings New Resolutions. How’s that apply to app developers? What NEW things are you thinking about, as it applies to your application in 2016? What themes are we going to be working on over here at Cloud Elements? We’ve got a couple ideas up our sleeves :)


To kick off the year, I’ve been talking with a partner of ours, Kin Lane, quite a bit about his predictions in 2016 and he has some BIG ideas. One theme that’s really sticking with me from our initial conversations is reciprocity.

The more formal definition of reciprocity tells us to practice exchanging things with others for the mutual benefit of another. I like this theme for a resolution for the New Year. It’s a grown up take on the age-old ‘Sharing is Caring.’ But what’s all this to do with APIs?


Well, glad you asked. According to Kin, API reciprocity (or maybe in more technical terms: interoperability, automation, ETL), is leading to the aggregation of APIs to make them more widely available to greater audiences. API reciprocity will be the practice of creating common building blocks for all to use, such as open source tooling.

In partnership with Kin, 2016 will be all about the aggregation APIs for the mutual benefit of others. Our mission is to make APIs much more simple and easy to use for the average business user or citizen integrator, by aggregating into homogenous stacks or ‘Hubs.’  Here are the top API stacks that Kin will be defining in 2016 - several of which Cloud Elements will be continuing to accelerate with Kin in the coming year. [Click here to view our API Hubs]

  • Social
  • Messaging
  • Cloud Storage
  • Payments
  • IoT (home & auto)
  • Education

Tune into our blog and monthly newsletter for news and updates, as we continue to progress our API Hubs forward in 2016.

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