API Talks Denver Event: Panelist Recap

By Monica Peotter in API Industry Trends Posted Jan 31, 2017

The popular API Event, API Talks, made a stop in Denver last week. We were lucky to have some of our local experts join us for a panel to talk about their experience in the API space. Here’s what they had to say:

Matt Bernier - SendGrid  

Q: What are you most passionate about when it comes to APIs?API Event Denver - Sendgrid Panelist

A: Developer Experience, through and through. If you keep in mind that you are designing your APIs and making decisions about how you expose your APIs with the humans who are going to consume them, you will find that more people will integrate with them quicker.

Q: What is one piece advice you have for a product manager's publishing their API?

A: Spend time with your customers so that you can learn what their use cases are for your API. You will learn more than you could ever guess and will often be surprised at what you learn.

Q: What do you anticipate for the future of APIs?

A: I believe that the future of APIs is a more consumable, human friendly way to access the data. We are already seeing historically non-technical users pulling data from the API, because they need the data to do their jobs well.

Beth Toeniskoetter - ReadyTalk API Event Denver - ReadyTalk Panelist

Q: What is the biggest challenge you have had to overcome in designing integrations? 

A: Underestimating the amount of service support our customers would need in setting up the integrations, as well as ongoing support. Even with an easy to understand and implement integration, a customer needs help understanding how the data fits into their current workflows, and their specific setup.

That being said, as most challenges often end up, this was a great opportunity from a competitive standpoint as our company shines when it comes to customer service, and it ended up being a great differentiator from our competitors.

Q: What do you anticipate for the future of APIs?

A: Technology platforms will start with APIs as their base. This ‘future’ is already happening, but APIs will no longer be an afterthought, but will be built out in parallel to the platform.

Our panelists all agreed that we are living in an API driven world. It is extremely important to create an end-user experience with your APIs because APIs allow your business to be continually changing and evolving.  Thank you to our panelists and attendees. We hope to see you at one of our next events.

For those of you that missed the event, you can access our workshop slides and other relevant content on our API Talks Recap Page.

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