Announcing: Ground2Cloud On-Prem Integration Deployment

By McKenzie Fetzer in Product Updates Posted Nov 2, 2016

We are excited to announce the availability of Ground2Cloud, our integration deployment tool that allows a direct, on-premises connection to non-public services (desktop or on-premises apps).

Ground2Cloud on-prem integration deployment

Building secure bridges between on-premises platforms to cloud-based applications was traditionally a significant and costly challenge. Today, as more businesses migrate operations to the cloud, they need an arsenal of digital tools that arms them with the capacity to create these on-premise to cloud connections. Ground2Cloud enables a one-to-many connection between an on-premises app and the cloud services used by the company, or between cloud services and any of the on-premises apps deployed on that same private network or computer.

“While other integration products get stuck in the legacy world of point-to-point connections, wasting development time and money, Cloud Elements one-to-many approach now enables on-premises apps to collaborate with entire categories of cloud services.”

Mark Geene, CEO and co-founder of Cloud Elements.

How Swiftpage Used Ground2CloudSwiftpage Customer Story

Swiftpage is the maker of Act! and leading provider of software and services that help small and mid-sized business grow. In March 2016, Xavier Musy, Chief Architect at Swiftpage, began the search for an integration solution that could move customer purchase data from their user's e-commerce platforms to Act! (a Swiftpage product). The trick is, Swiftpage has 80% of their customers using the on-premises version of Act!, and in order to integrate to cloud-based e-commerce applications, the product team needed a secure and reliable bridge to the cloud. Swiftpage chose to partner with Cloud Elements for the breadth in e-commerce API integrations, as well as Ground2Cloud.

From an operational side, Swiftpage created Act! Connect Link as a consumer-facing product page for customers to see all the connections available to them. In July 2016, Act! Connect Link went live with Ground2Cloud features (just a short 3 months from when the project with Cloud Elements was kicked off).

From April to June, three months in total, the planning to release of the Ground2Cloud integration solution was released as an integral part of Act! Connect Link. “The most exciting aspects of working with Cloud Elements were the speed of delivery and engagement with the product teams. Our customers want things that work seamlessly, so we need to be able to deliver that. That’s why we partner with companies like Cloud Elements,” said Musy. “Looking back on the work we’ve done with Cloud Elements, I am by far most proud of the turn-key delivery of Ground2Cloud as a phenomenal bridge for customers.”

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