Allbound Excels with the CRM Hub

By Katherine Northrup in SaaS Integration Posted May 23, 2016

When Allbound approached Cloud Elements to integrate Salesforce in order to improve delivery and marketing content we knew we could help with our CRM Hub. This Hub integrates popular CRM software to help manage accounts, contacts and opportunities using API calls. Cloud Elements helped Allbound manage the large amounts of data that was being pushed through the software to external applications.

“In 20 hours we sat down and wrote the entire integration between Allbound and Salesforce, via the Cloud Elements Platform. That’s for standard and custom objects. And now we don’t have to maintain the infrastructure going forward. As of today, Cloud Elements is handling over 40,000 API calls a day, and  keeping our integration live and up-to-date. Without Cloud Elements we would have had to own a lot of that code base ourselves,”

Kyle Burnett, CTO & Co-Founder of Allbound

Allbound is a mobile software that makes sales a breeze. Allbound brings marketing automation to companies increasing their performance in all sales channels and throughout the entire process. The software assists with platform administration, sales, marketing, and integrations so that companies can attain their goals quickly and efficiently. Allbound focuses on using modern strategies to help grow companies to their full potential through sales and marketing.

With the CRM integration, Allbound would be able to focus on the things that matter -- building customer bases and propelling companies forward. Within 20 hours Allbound had integrated Salesforce into their application using the CRM Hub. This change created a new way of producing sales for Allbound’s customers and the positive results were just beginning to develop.Allbound-ipadiphone1-700x325.png

The time saved by using Cloud Elements increased the quality of work that Allbound could focus on. A goal of the company, modernizing sales and marketing training, was more easily achievable when integrations were at hand and applications could work together seamlessly.

As Kyle Burnett, CTO & Co-Founder of Allbound, explains, “We’ve done a lot of system build integrations and API builders. We know how to do it, but we would rather spend our time with our customers solving their challenges.”

The time saving benefits trumped the many benefits brought by this integration. As Jen Spencer, Director of Sales and Marketing at Allbound stated, ““The upside to this was that we didn’t need to know all of the integrations and their unique attributes at once. Cloud Elements had already built out the integrations and could get us to the finish line quickly.” download.png 

Through Cloud Elements, Allbound has been able to build out their integrations and create collaboration among customers and the channels that they use. Technology that can interact well with each other is what collaboration is all about. By connecting one to many with Cloud Elements, customers can focus on more important tasks that competitors may lose the time to do. This is just one example where Cloud Elements helped a customer secure the goals at hand and continue to push forward to the next milestone.

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