By Dave Wilks in SaaS Integration Posted Jun 22, 2017

MailChimp is one of the leading email marketing services on the web. They have a powerful API that you can use to manage campaigns and subscribers. With the right integrations, you can multiply the effectiveness of MailChimp and reach even more customers. 

How do you choose the right integrations? Where will you get the most bang for your buck?

MailChimp offers some pre-built integrations to common marketing platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. With these connectors you can more easily create connections to specific marketing platforms. But you likely need to integrate not just with marketing platforms, but with CRM systems and social networks. With our Elements--advanced integrations enable you to make one-to-many connections to cloud services--you can really start to grow your business.

In this post, we’ll cover some common integration uses cases to eCommerce platforms, marketing platforms, social media, and CRMs.

eCommerce Integrations 

MailChimp’s sweet spot in the integration world is certainly eCommerce platforms. Stores powered by Shopify, Ecwid, WooCommerce and others have turned the internet into a bazaar where you can order almost anything. How can you stand out and build a loyal customer base? Talk to your customers!

When you connect your store to MailChimp, you’re ready to start a conversation with someone you know has already shown an interest in what you offer. Automate the communication with integrations that follow up orders with a thank you email. Offer suggestions for similar products. Follow up on abandoned shopping carts. Send discounts to your best customers, or to those who just need a little nudge. 

If you offer more in your store than just products, like a community or a blog, your integrations can help onboard customers. Show them around a little bit at a time. Gamify your communications and tease exciting content on your site.

How can Cloud Elements help? Here’s a peek at the Elements in our eCommerce Hub.

ecommerce hub

Marketing Integrations

As an email marketing tool, MailChimp clearly aligns with any marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy surely makes use of a marketing platform like Hubspot, Marketo, and Act-On.

Connect your marketing tools to MailChimp to deliver the right content to your customers, but also receive important data from MailChimp about who is and is not reading your emails.  

Sync MailChimp subscribers with contacts and leads in your marketing platform. Keep a full pipeline by maximizing the data MailChimp provides. Automate what happens when an email is opened, a link is clicked, or someone unsubscribes. Notify your customers when you post a new blog.

The Cloud Elements Marketing Hub is full of possibilities.
 Marketing Hub

Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads

Social networks are tremendous platforms to grow your customer base. Reach your existing customers, but also expand to those with similar interests. Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads integrations help bring your store to where your customers are right now.

Use Lists in MailChimp to manage multiple different types of contacts, and then utilize that information to target social media ads. Connect an ad campaign in MailChimp to an Instagram Ad to reach your existing customers and like-minded people. Reaching people similar to your contacts or those with specific interests helps grow your customer base. Your current customers will Like the ads, and your new customers will discover them.

Leverage the MailChimp data to measure the effectiveness of the ad. Of course, you can still use your marketing integrations to collect customer information and pipe it into your platforms.

CRM Integrations

CRMs like Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Netsuite are the main communication channel in organization around the world. Integrations help you keep your information in MailChimp synced with your CRM. You can also harness the wealth of information in your CRM to create list segments to target campaigns and emails at different use cases and personas.

Keep your CRM contacts and leads synced with subscribers in MailChimp. When you add a new lead in your CRM, automate an introductory message to introduce yourself or your product. Pull in campaign data from MailChimp to your CRM reports and take action on the trends you see.

 As shown in Facebook and Instagram Ads, reaching not only your customers, but people like your customers helps you cast a wider net. Help to further define the interests of potential customers by mining the information in your CRM to create segmented lists in MailChimp, Use those list to target campaigns, and then use Instagram Ads to target people with interests similar to those in the segmented list.


Each of these integrations takes time and money to set up one at a time. Each individual integration presents unique challenges. But with Cloud Elements uniform APIs, you don’t have to build individual integrations. With our Hub model, you build integrations to a collection of CRM systems. We help you integrate all of your enterprise applications, instead of approaching it as one connector at a time.

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