Pro Tips and Best Practices For API Integration [A Blog Series]

By Lindsey Jenkins in GET/technical, API Pro Tips Posted Oct 13, 2020

So it’s your turn to take a crack at building a new integration. We get it - you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

API integration best practices

But API integrations are multi-faceted and can be extremely finicky depending on the programs you’re integrating (have fun becoming an expert in the APIs you’re connecting...) Jokes aside, that’s why we’ve updated our Definitive Guide to API Integration - to keep in your back pocket as you start building. 

Maybe you’re fuzzy on SOAP vs. REST, are trying to understand how OAuth and OAuth 2.0 vary in terms of token refresh, or need to learn what a Java Web Token (JWT) actually does. 

Between the Definitive Guide and this accompanying blog series, we’ve got info on pretty much everything you need to know to build an efficient integration (if you still have questions or can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know at…). 

Keep an eye out for useful tips, best practices, and referenceable content that you can revisit over and over as you expand your integration knowledge and, perhaps, optimize your integration strategy. 

Find a complete list of the blogs posts here:

Take a look at the applicable blog posts to get information on your specific challenge, but don’t forget to download the Definitive Guide to API Integration to get additional recommendations and best practices for whatever phase you’re in. 

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Happy integrating!