10 Exciting New Customers of 2018

By Jackie Rebrovic in Enterprise Integration, SaaS Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Aug 31, 2018

2018 is proving to be an exciting year for Cloud Elements as we welcome lots of new SaaS and enterprise customers across all sizes, industry types, and integration challenges. Each new customer has a product roadmap, integration strategy, and use case that is unique to their business. Some of our new customers are looking to build embedded cloud integrations in their apps, offer their customers an integration marketplace, or sync and share data across multiple strategic cloud and on-prem applications in their internal tech stack.

Because each of these companies and their respective integration use cases are in fact unique, they have all decided to partner with us for different reasons. However, there are a few key themes that ring true across these ten companies:

  1. Ability to scale quicker to meet customer demand
  2. Improve customer experience by brining on new integrations which leads to reduced churn
  3. Gain an advantage over their competitors
  4. Partnered with another integration vendor in the past and weren't happy with their results
  5. Tried building an integration on their own and it proved to be too time consuming, difficult, and not scalable 

Now that you have an understanding of why these customers partnered with Cloud Elements, let’s learn more about who they are and how they are partnering with us.



iqbackoffice-logo IQ BackOffice is the leading accounting and HR outsourcer, offering 99.97% quality and up to 68% savings to companies around the globe. Their AP, AR, payroll and HR services leverage customers existing systems to deliver significant process improvements, complete process transparency and faster access to information. They have partnered with us to offer more Accounting and ERP integrations to their customers. 


True Influence is a data-driven technology company that connects companies with their next customer. They leverage data, technology and content to drive high-impact marketing campaigns and share detailed data insights to help organizations win new business. True Influence is leveraging CRM and Marketing Elements including Salesforce and Hubspot TILogosmall


enboarder Enboarder is a SaaS company that helps employers create engaging onboarding experiences. Their mobile-first communication works with any smartphone or device without the need to download any apps. Enboarder looks forward to quickly bringing on new ERP integrations.


VersaPay is a leading cloud-based invoice presentment and payment provider for businesses of all sizes. VersaPay’s ARC software-as-a-service offering allows businesses to easily deliver customized electronic invoices to their customers, to accept credit card and EFT / ACH payments and automatically reconcile payments to their ERP and accounting software. They  partnered with Cloud Elements to build Advanced Finance integrations at the pace of their customer demand. 1280px-Versapay_logo.svg

logo_bottomline Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY) helps make complex business payments simple, smart, and secure. Corporations and banks rely on Bottomline for domestic and international payments, efficient cash management, automated workflows for payment processing and bill review, and state of the art fraud detection, behavioral analytics and regulatory compliance solutions. They selected Cloud Elements to help them accelerate their product roadmap which includes complex Finance integrations like NetSuite, QuickBooks Online, and SAP BO.


Gong.io offers the #1 conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. It helps you convert more of your pipeline into revenue by shining the light on your team's sales conversations. Gong records, transcribes, and analyzes every sales call so you can scale the effectiveness of your sales conversations. Gong will continue to empower their customers' sales teams with strategic integrations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and marketing systems. 


Nextiva_Inc_logo Nextiva builds powerful, easy-to-use communication tools for businesses. NextOS is the underlying platform that enables these tools to work together, creating an all-in-one platform that gives you holistic and real-time insight into the customer journey. In order to quickly and effectively accelerate the speed of deploying new integrations, they partnered with Cloud Elements. 


Incorta aggregates complex business data in real-time, eliminating the need to reshape it. With the industry’s first Direct Data Mapping architecture, Incorta provides unprecedented join performance--making the data warehouse obsolete. Incorta accelerates the time required to roll out new analytic applications from months to days, and reduces query and reporting times from minutes to seconds. Through the partnership with Cloud Elements, they look forward to bringing new cloud integrations to market faster to scale their customer demand.  incorta

g2crowd-blog-logo-904x252 G2 Crowd is the world's leading B2B software and services review platform. Until recently, selecting business software or services was difficult, risky and inherently biased. G2 Crowd's real, verified user reviews help software shoppers objectively assess what's best for their business. The buyer intent that G2 Crowd provides it's customers helps marketing and sales team take action. They partnered with Cloud Elements to bring new marketing and CRM integrations to market. 


TwentyEighty is a world leader in helping organizations improve business outcomes through workforce learning. They apply our practices in four key areas of business including Sales Performance, Leadership Performance, Strategic Execution, and vertical markets such as Credit Performance. TwentyEighty selected Cloud Elements to sync data between their internal Salesforce, NetSuite and custom applications.  twentyeighty

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