By Brian Wones in SaaS Integration, Enterprise Integration Posted Jan 4, 2019

How To Guide: Determine Which Integrations to Build

Now that you have your dream team in place and have identified or even built your first integration, you are probably wondering, "what should we build next?" With thousands of SaaS providers in...

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By Hannah Shain in API Industry Trends, Customer Story, Enterprise Integration Posted Dec 20, 2018

Making Integration a Feature, Not a Pain [PODCAST]

Integration sucks. Most organizations are weighed down by legacy integration patterns and platforms that make it difficult to innovate and impossible to scale. But it doesn't need be this...

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By Monica Peotter in Enterprise Integration, Customer Story Posted Dec 18, 2018

How We Helped SAP Bring External Integration to Market

SAP Cloud Platform, an open platform-as-a-service designed to accelerate digital transformation, partnered with Cloud Elements to expand their external integration offering. With the ability to...

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By Stephen Hanzlik in GET/technical, Product Updates Posted Dec 17, 2018

How to Export Platform Execution Data

For security reasons, Cloud Elements only retains customer execution data for 72 hours. This time window generally works for developing and troubleshooting formulas. But what happens when you want...

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By Ben Pepper in GET/technical Posted Dec 14, 2018

Continuous Integration, Delivery, Deployment: CI/CD/CD

CI/CD. And one more CD for good measure. And no, it’s not another music format.

Everyone LOVES doing the same task day in and day out. Right? No? I guess that’s one of the reasons we built...

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By Guy Van Wert in GET/technical, SaaS Integration, Enterprise Integration Posted Dec 13, 2018

How to Overcome Integration Challenges With Cloud Elements

“Cloud Elements is a developer oriented platform.”

As a Solutions Engineer, our team often hears the above statement to describe the Cloud Elements platform. And although that statement is true,...

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By David Honan in GET/technical Posted Dec 4, 2018

What's In Your Connector?

Other integration vendors offer “connectors,”  which are just thin wrappers over an endpoint API spec and don’t offer much more than basic authentication and data mapping. Connectors are...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in SaaS Integration Posted Nov 30, 2018

Read This Before 2019 Planning: How Software Executives Can Crush These Top 3 Priorities

As 2018 is coming to end, most executive teams across software and enterprise companies are on the hook to begin planning sessions for 2019. Nearly every year, CxOs are asked to do more with...

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By Carly Frederick in GET/technical Posted Nov 28, 2018

Code Your Customer Experience

From the 10-person SaaS start-up to the global Digital Enterprise, one concept rings true: our customers drive who we are and what we do. Without them, our jobs likely wouldn’t exist. In fact,...

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By Ben Pepper in GET/technical Posted Nov 26, 2018

What are MicroServices? And Why You'll Love Them

So, you have this awesome app. Everyone loves it. You know it, I know it. It’s just the bee’s knees. Awesome! But now, because you made the COOLEST thing ever, more people are using it. That...

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