By Hannah Shain in Developer Posted Sep 21, 2017

The Basics of Creating and Mapping a Common Resource

Our Customer Enablement Manager, Clayton Shaver, recently demoed a deep dive on creating common resources in our newly released Cloud Elements 2.0. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what a common...

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By Ross Garrett in How-To Posted Sep 18, 2017

Data-Centric Enterprise Integration

Transformation is the watchword amongst CIOs and IT leadership - but what does this really mean? And what steps should you take?

Forward-thinking businesses must embrace the convergence of...

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By Jackie Rebrovic in Posted Sep 14, 2017


Yesterday we hosted a webinar all about building platforms, not just products featuring Eric Prugh, Co-founder and COO of  PactSafe - the leading contract execution platform -  and Ross Garrett,...

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Sep 13, 2017

FinTech Continues to Disrupt the Digital API Economy. What’s Next?

The emerging sector of financial services technology, FinTech, signifies a major shift in the API economy. APIs are fundamental, not only to technology strategy, but overall business strategy. As...

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By Hannah Shain in Developer Posted Sep 12, 2017

au·then·ti·ca·tion: How-to Use Cloud Elements Authentication APIs

The first milestone in building an integration is authorizing your endpoints to connect and share data, fondly called authentication. The standards for authentication often vary, and with Cloud...

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By Elyse Kent in psd2 Posted Sep 5, 2017

How to Gain a Competitive Edge with PSD2

As a leader in API integration, we’re constantly being asked about our vision for a comprehensive PSD2 (Directive on Payment Services) strategy. Banks are making headlines for new, albeit vague,...

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By Ross Garrett in Developer Posted Aug 28, 2017

DevSecOps for your APIs

Applications are changing. A web app in days gone by was a single application running on a server in a datacenter somewhere. Today, that same web app may look the same to the user, but under the...

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By Ross Garrett in Product Announcement Posted Aug 24, 2017

Claude has finished brewing our new UI

INTRODUCING CLOUD ELEMENTS 2.0 // NOW AVAILABLE FOR GA! Come check out Cloud Elements 2.0 with a new look, new features and same login! The next gen of the Cloud Elements API Integration Platform...

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Aug 23, 2017

Cloud Elements Connects Microsoft Dynamics Data to Verenia CPQ [CUSTOMER STORY]

Verenia provides organizations with cloud CPQ (configure price quote) & Guided Selling software. Their cloud software products are built with power and scalability to support the growth of all...

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By Chase Doelling in Developer Posted Aug 10, 2017

GraphQL benefits in a REST API, but how?

GraphQL is an open sourced API specification from Facebook that is touted as the next evolution from RESTful APIs.  The primary benefits at a high level is a reduction in how many times an...

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