By David Honan in GET/technical, Product Updates Posted Nov 16, 2018

Don’t Get Stranded on API Data Islands

I’ve seen many API specifications, varying across the board from SOAP to REST, with random others in between. While you can typically sum up the components of an API spec into category types;...

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By Hannah Shain in API Industry Trends, All Things API Posted Nov 15, 2018

3 Steps to Becoming an API Thought Leader

Do you have what it takes to be an API thought leader? These days everyone is claiming to be a thought leader in something. However, in the API Industry, it takes more than just a bunch of Twitter...

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By Monica Peotter in SaaS Integration, API Industry Trends Posted Nov 14, 2018

DoubleDutch Delivers New Integration in Under 1 Month

DoubleDutch is a mobile event application for marketers and event organizers to use during conferences, that helps to drive attendee engagement. According to DoubleDutch, the average Fortune 500...

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By Elyse Kent in Enterprise Integration, Finance Posted Nov 12, 2018

6 Ways Integration Improves the Digital Experience for Finance

Business users are tired of manual CSV uploads, labor-intensive EDI, and costly integration. SMBs typically have one full-time employee that has to chase down vendors to collect payment and...

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By Danielle Laforte in GET/technical, Enterprise Integration Posted Nov 9, 2018

Creating Productized SAP C4C Integrations with Virtual Data Resources

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) is a cloud hosted customer relationship management system that meets international security standards, scales up or down easily, is used in a wide variety of...

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By Rick Rothenberg in GET/technical Posted Oct 31, 2018

Experiments in Integration (Part 1): The Serverless Framework

As a member of the Cloud Elements Delivery Team, I see a lot of integrations; both those we build ourselves (on behalf of customers), as well as those our customers build. And often, while...

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By Monica Peotter in Financial, Enterprise Integration Posted Oct 25, 2018

The Future of Financial Services: Powered by Integration

On the heels of Money2020 and Sibos ~ two of the world’s largest Financial Services conferences ~ we got to thinking. The overwhelming theme in the FSI space is innovation. The financial services...

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By Brian Wones in Enterprise Integration, SaaS Integration Posted Oct 23, 2018

What You Need to Know Before You Build Your First Integration

At Cloud Elements, we our proud of our culture and our core values are the foundation of our culture. The core value that resonates the most with me is Customers First - which is a big reason why...

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By David Honan in GET/technical, SaaS Integration, Enterprise Integration Posted Oct 17, 2018

Don't Be Afraid of the Integration Iceberg

The Integration Iceberg. A fitting analogy representing integrations: it's what lurks below the surface that can sink your project and keep you from delivering on time and within budget.

When you...

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By Ben Pepper in GET/technical Posted Oct 11, 2018

Paying Off Technical Debt: Why You Shouldn't Go Live with POC Code

Let’s face it. You have debt, I have debt, the entire tech world is built on technical debt. What’s the worse thing that can happen when all of our software is built off a pile of technical debt?...

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