By Elyse Kent in Enterprise Integration, SaaS Integration Posted Aug 14, 2018

15 Must-Attend Tech Conferences for Fall 2018

The Cloud Elements team will be hopping around the globe from September to December, hitting the best tech conferences for learning and meeting trendsetters in martech, adtech, fintech, payments,...

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By Peyton Steiner in API Industry Trends Posted Aug 10, 2018

Integration Platforms Are Taking Over the World

As software becomes more and more embedded in everyday life, we become more dependent on the functionality of our applications and connectivity. With internet native companies storing their data...

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By Ross Garrett in API Industry Trends Posted Aug 8, 2018

Understanding the Low-Code/No-Code Movement

Over the past several years, Low-Code/No-Code ways to solve technical problems has become the technology de jure. It’s not just the latest shiny object in the world of integration, but rather a...

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By Ben Pepper in GET/technical Posted Aug 7, 2018

SOAP vs REST | Which is best for you?

Short answer, REST. Don’t make your engineers and clients suffer by making them deal with SOAP/XML/WSDLs. Who doesn’t love acronyms? You don't want them to curse you, so make their lives easy. I...

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By Hannah Shain in Enterprise Integration Posted Aug 3, 2018

Expanding to Europe and Strategic Global Alliances

This week we announced two new hires: Ian Currie Vice President of EMEA , and Dee Shorten Vice President of Channel Alliances. Strengthening the leadership team, Currie and Shorten will drive...

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By Jamie Thorson in Posted Jul 31, 2018

Combining Various Object Data in to a Virtual Data Resource (VDR)

High speed data connections have allowed us to progress in the world with significantly large amounts of information about any number of resources. For every customer or lead you have, it is quite...

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By Chase Doelling in Posted Jul 30, 2018

Rise of the Virtual Data Resource


You do...but not the way you think you do. If you are a modern organization leveraging any one of thousands of SaaS applications, in some ways you actually rent access to your...

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By Alison Harshberger in Customer Story, SaaS Integration Posted Jul 26, 2018

How Cloud Elements Helped PaySimple Build Integrations in Half the Time

PaySimple is a FinTech and service commerce platform that allows its customers to accept payments, market services, and manage customer data to grow their business. PaySimple has a unique platform...

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By Chase Doelling in GET/technical Posted Jul 24, 2018

RESTful Architecture 101

The Representational State Transfer (REST) architectural style is not a technology you can purchase or a library you can add to your software development project. REST is a worldview that elevates...

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By Ben Pepper in GET/technical Posted Jul 12, 2018

G2C: What is this Magical Application?

So you’ve read over the technical documents regarding Ground2Cloud and you look like Linguini trying to understand how Remy the mouse learned to cook. They say I have a technical background (a...

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