The BrightTALK Customer Story (On Video)

By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Jul 19, 2016

BrightTALK is a powerful marketing platform and technology media company that provides professional webinar and video solutions to a variety of industries to accelerate business and professional growth. At it’s core, the BrightTALK platform helps marketers generate leads for their sales teams by running videos and webinars. BrightTALK has thousands of customers that want to integrate their data with the other systems in their marketing technology stack to create integration use cases like sharing contact data, synchronizing leads and updating contact activities. By partnering with Cloud Elements, BrightTALK integrates to the leaders in marketing automation: HubSpot, Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot.

“Marketers today need a simple way to generate highly engaged leads, and sales teams need deeper insights into these prospects in order to shorten the sales cycle,” said Mark Geene, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Elements. “BrightTALK’s marketing connectors makes it easy to do both.”

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Morgan Cantrell, Managing Director at BrightTALK shares his insights on partnering with Cloud Elements. “We found out about Cloud Elements when we were trying to figure out how we could let our customers connect all their marketing systems together. We were looking for the glue that could hold our platform together with all the other marketing tech platforms in the ecosystems."

"We chose Cloud Elements because their solution fit into our business model. They allowed us to loop the pricing of the integration into our standard pricing, and not have to pass that along to our customers."

Morgan closes with: “Previously it took us about 3 years to build 3 integrations, and in the year that we’ve used Cloud Elements we built 6 more integrations that now over a ⅓ of our user base is using.”