Stripe API: Integrating Payments Effortlessly

By Vineet Joshi in Posted May 19, 2016

Stripe brings unified APIs to developers and lets them accept and manage online payments. It works for a mobile app, online storefront, subscription services and more. Whatever your app is, stripe can help with your credit payment. Stripe has payment options setup for developers and can be seamlessly integrated with mobile payments.stripe_banner-01.png

“With clean, composable, and complete APIs, Stripe’s thoughtful interfaces and abstractions can handle your company’s needs — from storing cards and processing subscriptions to powering marketplaces and everything in between” (

Cloud Elements is excited to announce that our Stripe API integration is now available through our Elements Catalog. This API will allow you to integrate a leading cloud payment service into mobile-examples.pngyour app in a fraction of the time it would take for custom development.

The API is structured around REST. It uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors and also has HTTP features such as HTTP authentication and verbs which are understood by off the shelf HTTP clients. JSON is returned by all API responses. The Stripe website has intensive documentation on the API that can provide any information that a developer would need.  

Screen_Shot_2016-05-18_at_3.34.23_PM.pngThe Stripe API is part of Cloud Element’s Payment Hub. This hub is the first singular API to integrate online payment and subscription billing across the industry’s leading cloud services: Chargebee, Stripe, Chargify and more. With the “one-to-many” approach, developers write to one API to integrate all of the leading subscription billing and online payment services for a fraction of the time and cost. Manage your customers, subscriptions and transactions across leading cloud services using uniform API calls.

Check out our Stripe API and start integrating payments into your app!

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