Payments Hub Launches With Subscription Billing Element; Chargebee

By Travis McChesney in Products Posted May 16, 2016

We are excited to now offer a Chargebee API integration through our Elements Catalog.  Chargebee is a subscription billing and recurring payments software . Chargebee offers all of the tools needed to manage subscriptions, payments and invoicing through one simple API layer.

Chargebee, along with each of our Elements, starts with a normalized set of features, including authentication, paging, errors, events and search. If your use case requires a resource we don’t currently offer, it’s simple to add it in through Element Builder.

The Chargebee Element allows you to integrate this leading payment service into your app in less time than custom development. The Chargebee API integration is a part of the new Cloud Elements Payments Hub, a uniform API that integrates to the leading cloud payments services.

The Cloud Elements Payments Hub is the first singular API to integrate online payment and subscription billing across the industry’s leading cloud services: Chargebee, Stripe, Chargify and more. With our “one-to-many” approach, developers write to one API to integrate all of the leading subscription billing and online payment services for a fraction of the time and cost. Manage your customers, subscriptions and transactions across leading cloud services using uniform API calls.

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