Let's Keep Things Simple

By Hannah Shain in Shenanigans Posted Sep 2, 2016

At Cloud Elements, our culture is built off 5 foundational pillars of core values: Customers First, Iterate to Success, Passionate Contributors, Freedom Flexibility Responsibility and Keep It Simple. Keep it simple is a personal favorite for many ‘Elements’ (nickname for us Cloud Elements team members). And simple is an important mantra when we find ourselves in an evolving industry with a somewhat confusing solution for the API market. Simple. Just think simple.

simple-meme.jpgSo what’s it mean to keep things simple at Cloud Elements?  I asked my fellow Elements to anonymously answer this on. “Keep it simple means to break bigger projects and issues into smaller pieces. Since we work in sprints, it is helpful to look at the end goal and then simplify processes to make sure that goal gets accomplished in smaller more tangible steps.”

“For us, keep it simple applies to our product by taking complicated or confusing APIs and breaking them into our normalized, digestible and simplified service.”

“Keep it simple means to do the smallest thing that will be of value to the customer.  And then do the next smallest thing.  Repeat. It means breaking down complex ideas into logical, achievable steps.”

Core values not only describe who we are at Cloud Elements, but how we operate. The core value, “keep it simple” really reminds us all to take smaller steps and not get too overwhelmed by the big hairy audacious goals ahead of a fast-paced startup company. Everything moves so fast and we are taking on so much, that the keep it simple value is a nice reminder.

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