It's Raining Babies | Office Baby Shower

By Hannah Shain in Shenanigans Posted Jun 8, 2015

Little gifts of joy are headed our way and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Before you stop me, I already know what you’re thinking: “It’s the middle of summer — far from the gingerbread, mistletoe, eggnog and presents.” But it’s another kind of season over here at Cloud Elements. ‘Tis the Season for Babies.

group-of-babies-2baby-lionThis summer, we are looking forward to welcoming four little humans into the world (and that’s a lot of babies considering how many eligible parents work here). With the influx of babies in the recent months, we decided it was time for good old fashioned office baby shower. The baby shower was fully dedicated to decorating onesies of all sizes and colors to help setup the new moms and dads with the proper gear.

Phil - Onesie Decorating

When prepping for the office party, I thought to myself,  “No way will a bunch of my busy colleagues spend an afternoon coloring, painting, and crafting. My thoughts were: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”  If we were going to pull this off, this office baby shower had to be simple, quick and fun. To my surprise, the creative powers of Cloud Elements were unleashed and our onesie manufacturing assembly line hit full throttle. About fifteen of my peers and I crafted and cranked out over sixty onesies, each with its very own unique design and style — all in a little over an hour.

Our very own Senior UI Engineer, Phil Earley, shined above the rest in his onesie making skill set. Just to familiarize you all with Phil, he’s the kind of designer / engineer that spends his free time equally split between the gym and Las Vegas. He’s the last person I would have expected to really get into a cute-sie, right-out-of-pinterest-, onesie decorating office baby shower. I’ll let the pictures speak to his enthusiasm.

The four babies either recently born or soon on their way include:

  • Travis & Sara’s Baby Boy, Keegan – (Born on April 2)
  • Nick & Vanessa’s Baby Boy, Rafael (Born on June 1st)
  • Buzz & Kristie’s Baby Girl, Tyler (Due July 5th)
  • Nate & Becky’s Baby Boy, (Due Oct. 1)

Congratulations to the ever expanding Cloud Elements family!

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