Integrate Photo Storage and Sharing With Our Flickr API Integration

By Travis McChesney in Products Posted Jan 20, 2016

Flickr, the well known photo storage and sharing application has come to Cloud Elements. Now you can share and store your photos across multiple devices with diverse worldwide audiences. We are excited to announce that our Flickr API integration is available through our Elements Catalog. Integrate the incredible program into your app in a fraction of the time you would have by integrating it on your own.

Flickr BannerFlickr allows users 1000GB of free storage, with automatic backup of photos. Sharing your photos is easy and the app works on multiple operating systems as well as all major devices so you can see and share your photos effortlessly to anyone, anywhere. Flickr also allows for search and sharing communities among amateur and professional photographers, so sharing photos goes beyond your direct contacts.

The Flickr API uses a REST API which is considered the most simple format to use -- it is a simple HTTP GET or POST action. The REST Endpoint URL is Integrating with Flickr allows you to be a part of the Flickr community by learning and conversing with innovative developers.

Flickr Photo

Our Flickr integration is a part of our new Social Hub, an API that easily integrates all the social programs your employees, customers, and partners use, all through a uniform, REST API. The Hub integrates across the industry’s leading social media sites including: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

Using the new Flickr API integration will give you more time to develop your app in other areas and leave the photo storage, sharing, and organizing tasks to us. It is also easy to connect our Filckr API integration seamlessly to our Finance, Marketing and CRM Hubs with Cloud Elements’ APIs. 

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