Announcing: Element Loader, Simple Data Migration Through Bulk APIs 

By McKenzie Fetzer in Products Posted Sep 9, 2015

Today we announced Element Loader - the first bulk loading APIs for data migration to multiple endpoints. Element Loader allows the import, export and synchronization of unlimited amounts of data through RESTful APIs for CRM and marketing automation applications, such as HubSpot, Zoho CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

Element Loader: Data Migration toolElement Loader has a drag-and-drop user interface making it easier to map resources, upload data and synchronize on an on-going basis between cloud services. With the simple UI, developers can embed Element Loader within an app, enabling smooth authentication of end users, and providing direct access to Element Loader features. 

To learn how to get started with Element Loader, check out this video by David Honan, our Director of Sales Engineering. 

Check out the press release to find out how HubSpot is using Element Loader to help their customers migrate data. Contact us today to start using Element Loader!

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