FieldAware Innovates Digital Field Service Management

By Vivek Ravishankar in How-To Posted Jul 20, 2016

Field service is one of the oldest and most ubiquitous industries in the world, covering electricians, plumbers, medical device engineers, maid services, and just about anyone else that is out in the field or on a truck to be dispatched. Despite its size, the industry is one of the most overlooked by SaaS providers, and many companies working in the field still resort to pen and paper to organize their operations. FieldAware is a leader in disrupting this trend, providing field service management software focused on streamlining field-based workflows. Their platform is capable of handling almost all tasks that need to done in the field, from scheduling to real-time estimates and invoicing. FieldAware also has developed its service mobile-first, giving users the power of the cloud with the mobility of the usual clipboard.


While FieldAware’s did provide a huge amount of in-app efficiency, the most requested feature from users was integrations to other software used by fieldwork-heavy businesses, especially financial platforms like QuickBooks. Integrations were the next step to improving the app, but doing so would be costly, and thus difficult to achieve without increasing product pricing across the board.

With the Cloud Elements Finance Hub, FieldAware was able to build in QuickBooks and Sage 200 functionality in no time, and they did so without needing to increase the price tag by even a penny. Now rather than importing CSVs from financial software, users can integrate their bookkeeping directly to FieldAware, creating a seamless experience and passing along efficiency to end users’ businesses. Over 40% of FieldAware’s existing customers also use QuickBooks, so with just one integration through Cloud Elements, FieldAware was able to provide its users with the most demanded feature with very little effort.

Before building the integration, Andy Murphy, Director of Product at FieldAware, estimated that users were manually syncing financial data nearly every four hours, adding up to about 2,000 manual syncs per year for all of the 8,000 users that also used QuickBooks. The Cloud Elements integration eliminated any need for manual data syncing, a process that takes at least five minutes, meaning that integration to just QuickBooks now saves FieldAware customers over 1 million hours of data syncing per year.


Murphy closes, “Overall, it’s been a great experience partnering with Cloud Elements, offering our product team extra bandwidth to focus on what matters most inherently to our own product. We also got to our customers what they demanded most, integrations.”

“I’m most proud of the moment our first customer set up the integrations we built with Cloud Elements. They were already a QuickBooks Online customer and they were already FieldAware customer, making for a natural fit. Including the mapping experience of custom invoice objects, the entire process took 30 minutes. Each new customer we onboard will be easier and easier from there.”

“Cloud Elements understands where the market is going. Buyers are moving away from the all-in-one solutions and are picking best of breed; platforms like Cloud Elements make that market shift possible. Even with an open API, we could not keep up. Cloud Elements will allow us to fit into many other markets that would have been expensive for us to own alone.”

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