Easier Sharing with ShareFile API

By Vineet Joshi in Products Posted May 26, 2016

ShareFile, the software that allows easy and secure storage for businesses, has come to Cloud Elements. ShareFile makes it simple to send large files and collaborate on projects across teams. It is a software that can save businesses time and money with its’ efficiency.sharefile-blog-banner.png

We are excited to announce that our ShareFile API integration is now available through our Elements Catalog. Our ShareFile Element allows you to integrate a leading cloud storage service into your app in a fraction of the time necessary for custom development. Companies can now work more efficiently and make sure all information is securely stored for them.

ShareFile helps with project management, product teams, human resources and more. Team members can receive data at anytime, anywhere. The secured information is available across all platforms at the touch of a finger. By bringing the ShareFile integration to your app it creates even more chances for positive customer experiences.Screenshot.73480.1000000.jpg

The ShareFile API is a REST API and is well documented here. The website also features a Quick Start Guide for all development questions. The ShareFile REST API uses a subset of the ODATA specification. ODATA is a HTTP-based REST API, with standards for how to describe objects and actions.

This new Element is located in Cloud Elements’ Cloud Storage & Documents Hub. The Hub is a uniform API to connect to the leading cloud storage services including: OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, DocuSign, and now ShareFile.

Check out our new ShareFile integration and see how easy, secure, and efficient document sharing can be.

Check out ShareFile API