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Mark Geene

By Mark Geene in How-To Posted Jan 24, 2017

Where is the API Economy Headed in 2017?

The API economy is exploding. As internet-connected, Internet of Things (IoT) devices become ubiquitous, the strategy of using application programming interfaces (API) to transfer data and...

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By Mark Geene in Products Posted Nov 29, 2016

Developers Can NOW Deploy Integrations as AWS Lambdas with Element Builder

Today, at AWS re:Invent 2016 in Vegas, we are excited to announce that Cloud Elements is the first API Integration Platform to offer the ability for developers to publish and distribute...

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By Mark Geene in How-To Posted Nov 17, 2016

Why API Integration is the Next Frontier of API Management 

Earlier this month Gartner released the Full Life Cycle of API Management Magic Quadrantlisting Cloud Elements as a Niche player among the traditional leaders of complementary API Management...

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By Mark Geene in Developer Posted Oct 11, 2016

Working with the Shopify API: Developer Guide

Thousands of small businesses around the world see the Shopify API as the most direct route to running their own professional e-commerce store. It's fairly easy to integrate into an existing...

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By Mark Geene in How-To Posted Apr 25, 2016

API 101: How APIs are Improving Business

Just as the Internet had a revolutionary impact on our day-to-day culture starting back in the mid-1990’s, APIs are fueling every single piece of software that we use in our modern digital lives.

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By Mark Geene in How-To, Cooperative Apps Posted Mar 31, 2016

A Quick Guide to Creating a Cloud API Integration Strategy

So you’ve put in the time and effort and built a killer app. The problem is, if it can’t be integrated with all the other great apps out there, your app is dead in the water.

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By Mark Geene in How-To, API Consumption Posted Mar 10, 2016

API Consumption from a Product Manager's Perspective

Developers consume your API in order to integrate it with other apps and services. From a Product Management perspective, I’d like to argue that API Consumption is bigger than that. API...

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By Mark Geene in How-To Posted Feb 23, 2016

Addressing the API Consumption Side: 5 Predictions for 2016 & Beyond

From an API Consumption perspective, 2016 will be a year of change. I’m predicting more API integrations will be built by Citizen Integrators (the average business user like a marketing admin or...

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By Mark Geene in How-To, Cooperative Apps Posted Nov 2, 2015

The 5 Pitfalls of API Monitoring

You’ve made it. The finale of the Cooperative App series is finally upon us. With ten steps down, you most certainly deserve a pat on the back. But let’s reserve that for the very end of this...

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By Mark Geene in How-To, Cooperative Apps Posted Oct 8, 2015

Webhooks vs. Polling: Sync your Apps

The ultimate magic of integration happens once you have your objects and resources mapped, your data transformed, and now apps are staying in sync with events on a regular cadence.

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