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Hannah Shain

By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Jun 8, 2016


Below the surface of API integration design, explorers (aka developers) will discover critical integration tasks required to fully optimize their app’s integration user experience. With the recent...

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Apr 13, 2016

Synap Gains Momentum in the API Economy | Customer Video

Synap organizes your company’s customer interactions and touchpoints into one place. Automatically. They do so by integrating APIs and connecting customer (or contact) resources from one...

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By Hannah Shain in Shenanigans Posted Mar 24, 2016

Why Bernese Mountain Dogs are the BEST Office Dogs

One of the biggest reasons we all love working at Cloud Elements (and at INDUSTRY Denver) is because we get to work side-by-side a whole lot of furry friends. Everyday brings a new adventure with...

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By Hannah Shain in Developer Posted Feb 1, 2016

Bad Apis don't get consumed - meetup recap

Last week, Tony Blank the Senior Developer Evangelist at Sendgrid, graciously facilitated a hot topic at our All Things API Meetup around the Consumption of APIs. We brought some of the brightest...

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By Hannah Shain in Products Posted Jan 14, 2016

API Reciprocity - A New Year Resolution

A New Year brings New Resolutions. How’s that apply to app developers? What NEW things are you thinking about, as it applies to your application in 2016? What themes are we going to be working on...

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By Hannah Shain in Posted Dec 23, 2015

2015 Last Minute Gift Guide for the Geeks you Love

You may have already guessed this, but we are on the geeky side of life. This year, we were among the geek gift advisors who contributed ideas to TechTarget’s annual gift guide for geeks. We...

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Dec 3, 2015

The 10 Best Go-to-Market Integration Campaigns

What would it mean to your sales and retention efforts if your application was connected to hundreds of cloud services your customers are using? How much more successful would the adoption of your...

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By Hannah Shain in Events Posted Nov 24, 2015

Future of APIs | final #apistrat recap

The future of API, and technology as a whole, can be hard to predict. That said, developers and tech giants from some of the leading SaaS Enterprises at APIStrat have optimistic ideas about what...

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By Hannah Shain in Events Posted Nov 19, 2015

The Growing API Community | #APIStrat

The Cloud Elements team is extremely excited to be at the APIStrat 2015 Conference in Austin, TX! At the conference, we are busy gathering new ideas to expand our innovative minds,and discovering...

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Oct 21, 2015

Data Migration 101 | packing checklist

A little over a month ago, we launched a new data migration feature called Element Loader. Element Loader, for those of you that do not remember, is a data migration UI to help developers,...

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