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Hannah Shain

By Hannah Shain in Shenanigans, News Posted Jan 9, 2017

$13 Million Series B: Fueling the Startup Fire

Today is a proud day for Cloud Elements. Today marks the next chapter for our Denver-based startup as we leap into acceleration mode as one of the fastest growing API Management vendors, with a...

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By Hannah Shain in Developer Posted Oct 24, 2016

How to Integrate Node.js into Your Product Strategy

JavaScript's recent rise in popularity calls attention to platforms such as Node.js, which offers a revolutionary take on the role of JavaScript on the web. By now, it's clear that Node.js is a...

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Oct 6, 2016

Top 8 Integration Marketplaces of 2016

We live in a world where apps need to connect faster. System administrators and line of business users don’t have time to fuss over the details of integration, they just need it to work with a...

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By Hannah Shain in Events Posted Sep 14, 2016

Cloud Elements Honored to be Named 2016 Denver Gazelle

Denver Gazelles represent some of the fastest growing companies with proven success in raising money and creating jobs, and this year Cloud Elements made the shortlist. To be a Denver Gazelle...

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By Hannah Shain in Shenanigans Posted Sep 2, 2016

Let's Keep Things Simple

At Cloud Elements, our culture is built off 5 foundational pillars of core values: Customers First, Iterate to Success, Passionate Contributors, Freedom Flexibility Responsibility and Keep It...

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By Hannah Shain in eCommerce, crm, API, marketing automation, Integrations, Finance Posted Aug 10, 2016

Ask 8 API Integration Leaders Anything You Want

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Jul 19, 2016

The BrightTALK Customer Story (On Video)

BrightTALK is a powerful marketing platform and technology media company that provides professional webinar and video solutions to a variety of industries to accelerate business and professional...

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Jun 8, 2016


Below the surface of API integration design, explorers (aka developers) will discover critical integration tasks required to fully optimize their app’s integration user experience. With the recent...

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By Hannah Shain in How-To Posted Apr 13, 2016

Synap Gains Momentum in the API Economy | Customer Video

Synap organizes your company’s customer interactions and touchpoints into one place. Automatically. They do so by integrating APIs and connecting customer (or contact) resources from one...

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By Hannah Shain in Shenanigans Posted Mar 24, 2016

Why Bernese Mountain Dogs are the BEST Office Dogs

One of the biggest reasons we all love working at Cloud Elements (and at INDUSTRY Denver) is because we get to work side-by-side a whole lot of furry friends. Everyday brings a new adventure with...

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