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David Honan

By David Honan in Developer Posted Jan 30, 2017

Calculating The Cost of an API

API integration requires more time, money and resources than many developers expect. When you work on custom integrations into cloud services, your first step is to map out all costs and develop a...

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By David Honan in Developer Posted Oct 1, 2015

Advanced Data Transformation: Element Mapper’s New JavaScript Editor

We are excited to announce a recent update to our data mapping and transformation tool, Element Mapper. Element Mapper now includes a JavaScript Editor for creating custom transformations.

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By David Honan in How-To, Cooperative Apps Posted Nov 18, 2014

Using Discovery APIs to Discover Custom and Standard Objects

A cooperative app experience uses APIs to connect your application seamlessly with the cloud services used by your customers. By letting the users of your app share account data from Salesforce API

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By David Honan in Developer Posted Aug 8, 2014

Calculating the Cost of API Integration

The process of API integration takes more time and money than most would imagine. When considering building a custom integration into a cloud service, it’s important to map out these costs to have...

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By David Honan in Developer Posted Jun 3, 2014

Custom Objects via APIs: Integrating Salesforce & SugarCRM

CRM applications, such as Salesforce and SugarCRM, offer the ability to create custom data objects and custom data fields; Your clients are most likely making liberal use of these custom data...

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By David Honan in Developer Posted May 6, 2014

Cloud File Sharing: Managing Access with Box, Dropbox & Google Drive

When integrating applications with cloud file storage services such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive; we find that developers often struggle with defining the use cases for managing access...

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By David Honan in How-To Posted Apr 22, 2014

Simplifying Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Integrating the SharePoint 2013 API into your application can provide your users with seamless and efficient access to the valuable content managed by SharePoint within your enterprise. For...

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